Japan Family Housing Properties

deposit: 165,000 Need to reserve to use BBQ space and pool, extra parking space for guest toilet

2 beds 1 bath

deposit: 180,000 2 toilet 2 garage

2 beds 1.5 baths

deposit: 162,000 toilet

3 beds 1 bath

deposit: 260,000 new construction 2 toilet 2 carport

3 beds 2 baths

deposit: 192,000 2 toilet

3 beds 2 baths

Properties from Japan Family Housing. Japan Family is a housing agency located in Okinawa City.

They’re here to serve you in finding your ideal Okinawan home. They have all varieties of homes available including Apartment, Houses and Duplexes close to all bases.

Contact them by clicking on a property you are interested in and filling in the form or you can call them on 098-933-8112. English speaking staff available.