no furnished with inspection

1365 sq ft 3 beds 2 baths

no furnished with inspection

2 beds 1 bath

4 story building quiet area shower, heating bathtub brand new pet negotiable 10 mins to Hansen, 20 mins to Camp Schwab

1425 sq ft 4 beds 2 baths

3LDK quiet area shower bathtub no pet 7 mins to Kadena gate1, 10 mins to Foster

1022 sq ft 3 beds 1 bath

6 story building shower, heating bathtub Close to American village and Sunabe sea wall!! 1 is sliding door separate on bedroom no pet 1 parking 5mins to Kadena gate1,10mins to Foster

603 sq ft 2 beds 1 bath

14 story building quiet area shower bathtub tile flooring brand new Ocean view & city view from the hill!! 1 parking no pet 10mins to Foster, 15 mins to Kadena Gate 1

2 beds 1 bath

shower, heating bathtub Across from AEON Rycom shopping mall!! no pet 15mins to Kadena gate2, 15mins to Foster

857 sq ft 3 beds 1 bath

3LDK quiet area shower bathtub no pet 20 mins to Kadena gate1, 11 mins to Foster

791 sq ft 3 beds 1 bath