quiet area heating, bathtub no pet Jacuzzi fee ¥1,500 per hour Japanese appliances installed 5mins to Kadena gate1, 15mins to Foster

733 sq ft 2 beds 1 bath

2 LDK quiet area shower, heating, bathtub Quantum Water Production Device vG7 The vG7 (New G7) is a device developed to restore the natural functions of water. Water that passes through this device becomes “quantum water,” providing safe and delicious water. This technology has been patented in Japan, the United States, Australia, South Korea, and […]

844 sq ft 2 beds 1 bath

2 LDK small only pet quiet area shower, heating, bathtub Walking distance to CoCo ichi🍛 and Karaoke Japanese appliances are installed 5 mins drive to KAB and 12 mins to Foster

710 sq ft 2 beds 1 bath

2 LDK small pet only ( up to 2 pets Rent +\10,000/mo) 1 parking shower, heating, bathtub “not yet inspection yet” Japanese appliances installed, Internet included 3mins to Camp Kinser, 15 mins to Naha Airport

592 sq ft 2 beds 1 bath

4 LDK quiet area 2nd fl available, 3rd fl coming soon shower, bathtub tile flooring American appliances need hook no pets 4 mins drive to Foster

1800 sq ft 4 beds 2 baths

2 LDK quiet area shower no pet 1 parking Japanese appliances installed 8 mins drive to Foster, 15 mins to KAB Gate1 and 17 mins to gate 2 5 mins walk to Araha Beach and 3 mins walk to SAN-A (shopping mall)

2 beds 1 bath

2 LDK Rycom area quiet area no pet shower, heating, bathtub Japanese appliances installed Kadena 10minutes by car Walking distance to Convenience stores 13 mins drive to Foster, 20 mins to KAB Gate1 and 10 mins to gate 2

1068 sq ft 2 beds 1 bath

3LDK quiet area shower, heating Move in available no pets Foster 13minutes by car

570 sq ft 3 beds 1 bath