school zone: BTES RMS KBHS quiet area shower, heating, tile flooring Base Inspected 6 mins drive to Courtney Pets: Negotiable

961 sq ft 2 beds 1 bath

Brand New Single House 5 mins drive to Torii Station Base Inspected Move in available no pets

957 sq ft 4 beds 1.5 baths

3 parking quiet area shower, heating, bathtub, IH stove single house 10 mins 🚙 to Torii Station

1568 sq ft 5 beds 1.5 baths

quiet area shower 15 mins drive to KAB Sorry, no pets

1415 sq ft 3 beds 2 baths

pet is possible to negotiate Kadena: 5min., Torii: 5min., Foster: 15min., Futenma: 15min.

1800 sq ft 4 beds 2.5 baths

pet ok Courtney: 5min., Kadena: 15min., Foster: 30min., Futenma: 30min.

1800 sq ft 4 beds 2.5 baths

HAS A GOOD SIZED YARD Coutney: 10min., Kadena: 25min., Foster: 35min., Futenma: 35min. single house

1800 sq ft 4 beds 2.5 baths

river view Kadena: 5min., Torii: 10min., Foster: 10min., Futenma: 10min.

1000 sq ft 4 beds 1 bath